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Benefits of choosing
Houseboat Heaven.


Rarely does an accessible accommodation become available that offers a unique experience with all the accessible bells and whistles. An accessible houseboat that is custom refurbished by a couple who worked in Disability Service, this gorgeous accommodation offers a memorable holiday experience in comfort. Choose to have your houseboat piloted, or do it yourself.

Facilities (No additional fees)

Set up with accessibility and meets the needs of clients that require extra support in their daily living.
- Sling Lifters, BYO Slings
- Electric Hospital Beds x 2
- Commodes
- Shower chairs
- Safety Access Ramp
- Wheelchair access & Wider doorways

Steps for booking your houseboat holiday.

Pick a Date

Discuss and choose a selection of dates for when you want to book your family holiday.

Get in Touch

Contact us to discuss requirements and any special requirements.


Secure the booking by paying the deposit. This locks in your date!

Frequently Asked Question
at Houseboat Heaven

These are our most common questions and answers

No. A full car driver’s licence or boat licence is all that is required. The hirer must be over the age of
21 years of age. License must be current and valid.

Base contact is available 24 hours a day by mobile phone, so don’t worry we’re here to assist or answer any questions you might have.

You have plenty of fresh drinking water on board, so no need to worry.

Night travel is not permitted by Law, and you should be moored well before sunset.

We will advise you of sunset times on your showout.


If there is a storm in progress, or if extreme winds are forecast (over 30kph), you should remain moored with both ropes tied on each side of the vessel. In the event that these conditions prevail when boarding or when you are due to disembark, please contact us for advice how to return the boat safely.

Yes – We have an area designated for clients cars, we also have parking for caravans and boat trailers.

Maritime regulations state the number of persons on board must not exceed the number of berths.

All you need to bring is your food, drinks, personal toiletries, DVD’s, binoculars, and fishing gear. We’ve created a checklist for you of what we suggest, however feel free to bring along anything that will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Still have questions?

It’s simple: the longer you stay, the more you save!

Houseboat Heaven - Fleet


Offers 5 large private bedrooms & 3 modern fully tiled bathrooms.

Stay Longer, Save More

It’s simple: the longer you stay, the more you save!

Planned Accommodation

We have short and medium-term accommodation available upon request. Read more…